Traditionally Modern

I thank everyone for your patience waiting for the last two blocks and finishing instructions for the Free Traditionally Modern BOM.  I will post all information tomorrow night!  Finally!

The past two months were pretty hard on this family.  My colon cancer has returned for a third time.  The chemo side-affects are sometimes difficult.  I’ll be closing the blog by mid-Jan so make sure you grab up all of the free patterns for this design now!




I found this information quite interesting.  Over dinner with some girlfriends, and one of their husbands, we got to talking about pincushions and what we use to fill them with for pin sharpening and stability.  After a bit of talk, the hubby spoke up and gave his opinion.  He’s an aeronautics engineer!  He said he had recommended to his wife NOT to use any type of crushed nut shells.  He suggested fine sand.  Basically, he said “think about it, when we need to sharpen and hone fine metal we use sand.  It’s called sand-blasting for a reason!  Any other products, like crushed walnut shells, nick and dull, metal over time.”  Sand is used to sharpen all kinds of metals even for the aeronautics industry.  I mentioned this to my own husband and he agreed about using sand instead of crushed anything.

As a friend recently said, “makes sense to me”!  I’ve always used sand in my pincushions for the weight and then fill the top portion of the cushion with a quality fiberfill as needed.  Just food for thought!

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First three blocks!

I think I’m going to like it here!  Well, at least in the Farmer’s Wife Sew-Along group!  These were the first three blocks for this past week. I’m hooked!  It took me less than an hour to make these, but I know the blocks will get harder as the months go along.


I used Marti Michell’s Templates and love them!  I won’t lie, they are a bit costly for all the set we’ll need, but they will make creating these small blocks go so much smoother.

Sorry about the bad photo!

The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s

So . . . who else is going to be doing this fun sew-along with Gnome Angel and Marti Mitchell?  I have my book and templates, and am planning on using Moda’s “Farmhouse” line designed by Fig Tree.  Either that or going with a blue and green color wave.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Join me!

The Sew-Along starts this Monday!  The good news is that you can still join. .  Sign up for the twice-weekly email from Gnome Angel to receive the blocks that you will be doing for the week.  You will be starting with the easiest blocks first, and going on from there.  The goal is to finish all of the blocks in one year!  There are also blogs hosting this sew-along who will be showing their versions of the blocks, and giving tip and tricks.  You will be given different ways to create each block – paper-piecing, templates, and piecing without templates.

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along: Learn to sew the 99 Blocks from Laurie Aaron Hird's book The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt" with Angie Wilson of, Fat Quarter Shop and From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates. Find out more here:

New Pattern!

This is a fun and easy quilt to create!  Do you own a serger sewing machine and have always wanted to make a quilt using it?  This is a great quilt pattern to make using your serger!

This is my newest quilt pattern called “Ladybug Serger Quilt”.  The technique used making this quilt is quilt-as-you-go . . . and you can make this in one afternoon!  Check the link at the top of this page under Shop My Quilt Patterns to purchase.


Snapshot Photo Quilt

This is my newest quilt pattern that is now available from your favorite quilt shop!  It is called “Snapshot Photo Quilt” and is being published by Cut Loose Press.  Easy and fun!   Yep, those are photos of my mom an dad!


September Mystery Blocks!

September’s Free Mystery Block of the Month patterns are now available for download.  See the link above!

   Image result for free batik fabric clipart images  Image result for free batik fabric clipart images

ALL of the blocks for this mystery quilt are available for download along with the fabric supply list.  This link has been transferred from my website.  Using my blog for this link is much more user friendly for me and my husband.