Sew Sweet Simplicity!


Uh, oh! I was late making my post this morning for Jacquelynne Steve’s “Sew Sweet Simplicity” Block #4!  We’ve had intermittent internet connections all weekend and today.  Hmmm.

Anyhow – So far so good, so I’m quickly posting!  Ready for another block pattern?  How about two!!  I love these blocks!


And Jacquelynne is offering another giveaway on this blog hop!  The prize includes patterns AND a fabric mini-kit.  Leave me a post telling me what type of quilt technique you’ve been wanting to learn but have been putting off.  Mine is doing feathers on my quilting machine!  THERE!  I said it!



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Quilting A Quilt

First of all – I finished all of the radiation for my cancer.  Thank you, everyone, for all of your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll have another CT Scan soon to see if the cancer is actually gone, but in the meantime – I’m movin’ on!

So, I was asked recently what is ‘true’ quilting on a quilt top.  I was perplexed.  I didn’t think there was a ‘true’ way versus, what, ‘un-true’?   Uh oh, I don’t do quilting confrontations well!  I thought I’d bring the subject up here.  I belong to two quilt groups – our Scrappy Quilter’s group that meet every Wednesday, and what we’ve come to call our Saturday Quilter’s that meet once a month.  I love my quilter friends!

What I’ll write here is simply MY opinion.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong way of quilting a quilt top.  The ‘old-fashion, orignal’ way of quilting was in a large hoop or on a large quilt rack, and it was done with the traditional needle-rocking stitch as shown in the photo above.  If I hand quilt – this is the way I do it.  I’m not saying I do it well!  A little story here – when I had my quilt store there was a local amish family of women who would do some of the quilting for the store and for customers.  Their quilting was beautiful!  The amish mom came in one day to sit down with me and help me perfect my hand quilting stitches – keep in mind I’d been hand quilting for several years.  I studied her movements, watched as she deftly rocked her needle up and down, and then tried to copy her stitches onto my own small project.  I felt proud of my stitch work until I handed her my hoop so she could examine my stitches.  Her comment deflated me briefly as she said, “well, they’re not too bad.  A little like our youngest daughter does when she’s quilting.  She’ll someday be able to quilt well too”.  Her words encouraged me to work even harder!

There are a couple women in my quilt groups who hand quilt with running stitches.  It makes for quick work, and looks just fine.  Then there is machine quilting on a home sewing machine, and also long-arm quilting.  What’s ‘true’ quilting?  I have no idea what the answer is here.  Times have changed.  Traditional needle-rock hand quilting was used for over 150 years – I’m guessing.  Introduction of the sewing machine made quilting a quilt top so much faster and easier!  Women and their quilting progressed with the development of technology.  It just seems to have moved fast within the past fifty years though.

Quilting is suppose to be for enjoyment.  There are always going to be your die-hard quilters who feel that there is only one ‘true’ way of quilting even when it comes to piecing blocks, making borders, and creating the binding for a quilt.  That’s all wonderful, and these folks probably make quilts for competitions (that’s whole different can of worms!).  My opinion is that however you piece, quilt, and bind your quilt – if you are happy doing it and it brings you joy, then … that’s all there is to it!  I’d love to hear from you on this subject.  What do you think ‘true’ quilting is?


Sew Along Day with “Sew Sweet Simplicity”!

Let’s have some fun!  Jacquelynne Steves from “The Art of Home”, and who is currently hosting the Blog Hop “Sew Sweet Simplicity”, is holding a “Catching Up – Sew Along Day”!  It will be held Saturday, January 10.  No cost!  Don’t you just love free fun?  The time will be 12pm to 4pm (9am-1pm Pacific time, and 5pm-9pm UK time).


There will be hourly prizes!  So stay tuned the whole time since there will different ways to earn extra entries.  And who doesn’t love to chat while you are sewing?












You can follow the Sew Day on Facebook, Instagram, and on Jacquelynne’s blog.  If you will be following her on her Facebook page – simply post directly to her wall with photos and comments.  We want to see lots of photos!  And lots of chatting will be going on!  Or you can follow her on her blog ( with photos and posts, but make sure you refresh that page often.

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Sew Sweet Simplicity Block #3

SewSweetSimplicityBOM_JacquelynneSteves_GiveawayMonth3Sew Sweet Simplicity with Jacquelynne Steves! There’s a lot to share with you this month – and it’s all fun! How about a new Giveaway! This Giveaway will end January 2nd, so leave me a message below telling me what types of fabric you tend to gravitate toward when you first walk into a quilt store. I tend to bee-line toward any civil war or folk art color waves. That’s why I love my fabric choice for this BOM – I broke out of the box!



Here is my Block #3 – I love the applique designs for this quilt!  So cute!  And then I have my Bonus Block #1 to share.  I enjoyed hand appliqueing them.


Jacquelynne Steves is having a special Giveaway on her blog!  Make sure you enter for a chance to win a Mini-Kit to make one of the Sew Sweet Simplicity blocks!   ALSO – sign up for her emagazine and get this beautiful Red and White Quilt Pattern for free.  I’ve love her emagazines.  You can even get her previous emagazines as they are downloadable!!

FreeRedWhiteQuiltPatternGraphic2_Jacquelynne Steves







Lastly – keep an eye out for more information on this blog, and Jaqquelynne Steve’s blog, for a “Catch Up” Sew Along Day that we will be having on Saturday, January 10!

Sew Sweet Simplicity Block #2!

Block #2 and another Give Away!!         SEW SWEET SIMPLICITY BLOG HOP!

Here is the photo of my “Sew Sweet Simplicity” Block #2.  I love these little flowers.  I’m not loving my little aqua flower on my block.  I may do it over again.  The petals just aren’t rounded enough.  My mind was on other things when I did this particular block and I wasn’t focusing enough on my work.  :(  I’m duly ashamed.

I thought I’d show you my favorite applique notions.  The bobbins of thread are from Superior Threads and I love these!  They are so handy to carry around for hand applique.  You generally don’t use a lot of thread to applique with so why buy tons of different colors of large spools when you only need a little bit of lots of different colors.

Then there’s my marking tools – the Water Erasable Marker and a white chalk pencil.  A small scissor, the needle threader (a life savor for me!), and finally – the perfect tiny applique pins by Clover.



I hope you all are having a wonderful time making the blocks!  There’s still time to join Jacquelynne Steve’s “Sew Sweet Simplicity” block series!

And here’s the Giveaway For November!  Leave me a comment on how you chose your fabric colors!  Please make sure you leave your email so that Jacquelynne can contact you with the winning PDF files if you win!


Trees So Cute!

These two tree patterns are just perfect for the quilt lover!  What a great Christmas gift – to give as a kit, or already sewn and quilted!  The patterns were designed by Cindi Edgerton from A Very Special Collection.

“Tall Trim The Tree” –  This tree could be just the right size for smaller homes. Roll it up for easy storage. To decorate, hang ornaments on 25 buttons that embellish the quilt. Finished size is 26-3/4in x 76-3/4in. includes tissue paper foundations to make two trees. Great to use for a Christmas Holiday project.  Use the Holiday and Mini Quilt Collection foundation pieced pattern to make the ornaments!  How about hanging this one on the front door?

“A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree” – This smaller version of our popular Tall Trim the Tree is perfect for smaller spaces. Or perhaps for an office or child’s room. Decorate with buttons to hang a few of your favorite ornaments. 17in x 41in. Includes tissue paper foundations to make two trees.  Use Cindi’s “Lynn’s Pins” foundation pieced pattern to make the 2″ ornaments!  This ornament package makes 45 pins or ornaments.

Now – why not make the “Shorter Tall Tree” for bedroom doors with the small ornaments in lots of different seasonal prints and colors!  Keep the tree up all year around and decorate it for spring, summer, in patriotic colors, pinks and reds, and fall colors.

Add ornaments every day and use it as an Advent Calendar!


Block of the Month

Both of the Free Mystery Block of the Month patterns, and finishing instructions, are now available for download.

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience of having them post late.  We’ve been looking for a different blog host and new blog program.  Thanks for your patience!


I am so sorry to those who have tried to subscribe to my blog recently and have not been able to.  I upgraded my iPad IOS feature and it messed my pages up royally.  My husband has been trying to fix my pages, and so has our son.  If it’s not one thing – it’s another.  Technology is wonderful – most of the time!