My 2017 Block of the Month Program!

Amidst The Stars

Amidst The Stars

My newest design is this year’s Block of the Month program I’ve called “Amidst The Stars”!  This is an eleven month pattern only program and will only cost you a one-time fee of $14.99.  Click on the tab at the top of this page for more information.  Join me for a monthly block pattern, freebies throughout the year, and giveaways!




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How many of you are list makers?

I make lists!  I make my daily to-do lists, Christmas gift lists, which closets and drawers need to be cleaned out and in what order, and what’s in my pantry.  I just love crossing things off my lists!  And if I find I haven’t actually crossed anything off my list for the day because life became wacky then I add something I did that day to the bottom of the list just so I have something to cross off.  Yep, I have it bad!

My favorite new toy is the “Happy Planner” by Me and My Big Ideas.  It holds monthly calenders, weekly calenders to write your plans in and decorate all crazy, and lots of additional pages you can easily add to the planner.  I NOW have lots of lists!  And my love of scrapbooking makes it even more fun!  Just type in the Happy Planner in Google, or Pinterest, or on YouTube and you’ll be surprised!

2017 MINI Happy Planner™ - Super Fun   painty May weekly spread in the Happy Planner of mambi Design Team member Stephanie Buice | me & my BIG ideas:

I made a list of all the quilt projects I have to finish, and then all that I want to do.  What a huge list!  I numbered the first five I want to get done and loved crossing out the first three as they were completed!  Then I numbered the next five I want to finish.  I’m actually going to put a dent in my stash of projects!



2017 Block of the Months

I love this time of year.  Of course, I love getting ready for Christmas, but I also love looking online for the next year’s Block of the Month programs!  Always make sure you stop by and check out your local quilt shop’s programs.  I recently went online to type in “2017 Quilt Block of the Month programs” and found lots of new programs.  You’ll find everything from 6-month to 12-month programs, and everything from fun and bright to folk-art and colonial.  Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for links to new block of the month programs. 

CircleOfLifeAlso – make sure to look at my booklet patterns for several block of the month designs for sale!  Sold in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

Quilting Day Tote

This is my best selling pattern in my Etsy Store ( ) and in my Craftsy Store ( !  It’s perfect for those quilting classes, or retreats, that you travel to.  The tote holds an 18″x24″ cutting mat, your 24″ ruler, has pockets on the inside for your notions, a large pocket on the outside for books and papers, and smaller pockets on the outside for your sewing machine cord and extension cord!  LOTS of room to pack the tote full!  This baby holds a lots of quilting items!



Raffle Quilt for 2017

This is the Cedar Springs Friends of the Library raffle quilt for next spring.  It’s getting quilted now,  designed by me, and assembled by Louise King.  Photo isn’t the greatest, but the quilt is very beautiful!

Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt

Tickets are $1 each and 6/$5.

Quilting Hub Articles!

Here area the next two articles I’ve written for Quilting Hub.  Hope you enjoy them!  I really enjoy writing them!

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Pinterest Link

Here’s the link to my Pinterest Page:  Or use the button on the right of this page.

I have all of my quilt pattern designs, a link to my Etsy Store, and even a page full of my fellow QuiltsQuiltsQuilt! Etsy Store owners.  Make sure to follow me on Pinterest!

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First Two Quilting Hub Articles!

Here’s the link to both of my newest articles on Quilting Hub! I sure hope everyone has signed up for this site! It’s loaded with lots of great information!

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Quilting Contessa!

Hello everyone!
I’ve got some fun new changes coming up for me in the quilting business! There’s a couple of new venues for vending for me in the upcoming two months. I have a couple of new patterns that are in the final stages so that they are ready for the quilt shows. You can always see my full line of booklets and patterns using the links at the top of this page, or though the link to my Craftsy Store which is along the side of this page.

No longer a secret now!  I’m not only a pattern writer, but I’m now a quilting article writer as I will be a Quilting Contessa writer for the website “Quilting Hub”! I’m so excited! I love to write! I will periodically be writing articles about all different quilting subjects.


You really need to make sure to check out this site as they have LOADS of quilting information.  You can register and then have access to all types of pages – Shop Hop trip planners, registering or attending quilt shows, quilt shops, quilt blogs, online shop hops, retreats, guilds, etc.  TONS of stuff!  Create your own page too!  This site is growing daily!

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I’ve revamped this site!

Hello to all of my friends who have stuck with me through all of the changes that have been happening with my quilt pattern design business.  I have a few more new designs in the finishing stages that we’re getting ready for my next few vending dates, and they’ll soon be ready for purchase.

This site is where you’ll find all of my quilt patterns that are available for purchase and ready to be mailed directly to your home.  If you’d like to purchase any of my designs as a download – please see the right side of this page for a link to my Craftsy Store.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest too!  Links are at the right side of this page.

Thanks to everyone who has kept me in their prayers as I continue to battle my cancer.  I’m currently considered stable!  Thank the Lord!

Blessing to all!  Barb

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