How many of you are list makers?

I make lists!  I make my daily to-do lists, Christmas gift lists, which closets and drawers need to be cleaned out and in what order, and what’s in my pantry.  I just love crossing things off my lists!  And if I find I haven’t actually crossed anything off my list for the day because life became wacky then I add something I did that day to the bottom of the list just so I have something to cross off.  Yep, I have it bad!

My favorite new toy is the “Happy Planner” by Me and My Big Ideas.  It holds monthly calenders, weekly calenders to write your plans in and decorate all crazy, and lots of additional pages you can easily add to the planner.  I NOW have lots of lists!  And my love of scrapbooking makes it even more fun!  Just type in the Happy Planner in Google, or Pinterest, or on YouTube and you’ll be surprised!

2017 MINI Happy Planner™ - Super Fun   painty May weekly spread in the Happy Planner of mambi Design Team member Stephanie Buice | me & my BIG ideas:

I made a list of all the quilt projects I have to finish, and then all that I want to do.  What a huge list!  I numbered the first five I want to get done and loved crossing out the first three as they were completed!  Then I numbered the next five I want to finish.  I’m actually going to put a dent in my stash of projects!



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