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First Two Quilting Hub Articles!

Here’s the link to both of my newest articles on Quilting Hub! I sure hope everyone has signed up for this site! It’s loaded with lots of great information!

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Quilting Contessa!

Hello everyone!
I’ve got some fun new changes coming up for me in the quilting business! There’s a couple of new venues for vending for me in the upcoming two months. I have a couple of new patterns that are in the final stages so that they are ready for the quilt shows. You can always see my full line of booklets and patterns using the links at the top of this page, or though the link to my Craftsy Store which is along the side of this page.

No longer a secret now!  I’m not only a pattern writer, but I’m now a quilting article writer as I will be a Quilting Contessa writer for the website “Quilting Hub”! I’m so excited! I love to write! I will periodically be writing articles about all different quilting subjects.


You really need to make sure to check out this site as they have LOADS of quilting information.  You can register and then have access to all types of pages – Shop Hop trip planners, registering or attending quilt shows, quilt shops, quilt blogs, online shop hops, retreats, guilds, etc.  TONS of stuff!  Create your own page too!  This site is growing daily!

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